A prophetic training center in the Word and Spirit

A spiritual home where you will find healthy Bible-based and Jesus-centered teaching. Our purpose is to raise up sharp and accurate prophets, seers, and all those are called to the prophetic ministry by training and activation. A true reformation in Scandinavia is our goal.


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Warm welcome every Tuesday at 7.00pm in in the city center of Gothenburg for prophetic services. They will include worship, prophetic teachings, trainings and activations, and fellowships. 2024: Join online!

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Who we are

Gothenburg Prophetic Center is a training center in the Word and Spirit founded by Terje & Helene Nordboe in 2023. They have been teaching about the Apostolic and the Prophetic for several years through their bible school named School of the Supernatural, Sweden which was founded in 2018. The training center aims to be a spiritual prophetic home for raising up, train and activate prophets, seers and those in the prophetic ministry into sharpness and prophetic accuracy, as well as to see a powerful reformation in the Scandinavia nations and among the Nordics.

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Reformation Scandinavia is the overall vision of the entire work authored by Gothenburg Prophetic Center. It´s also the name of our international podcast which started in 2021. Charisma Podcast Network (CPN) initiated contact with us in the year before.

Sometimes we do not recognize the expression of the Holy Spirit, as it may not look the way we want it to or are use to. That’s when we have become spiritual picky. Remember, the Wind (the Holy Spirit) blows where it wants. Every time. Will you jon in?

The Lord has a distinct plan for your life and you are called to speak into the lives of the kings and the rulers of your nation. God wants to pour ot of His wisdom into you life, if you are willing to set yourself apart for training and preparation. Daniel and his friends did so.

Arise and shine! Isaiah 60:1 states that glory of the Lord has risen upon you. The Holy Spirit is living inside of you and God has called you for His divine purpose, and therefore has already qualified you for the job He has called you specifically for.